Cabán for Queens

Brand and poster design for Tiffany Caban's campaign for Queen's District Attorney

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In late 2018 , I was introduced to Tiffany Caban. Tiffany had decided she would be running in the upcoming Queens DA race and was looking for a partner in designing her campaign identity. I’d never really done much graphic design work and certainly not for print but after meeting Tiffany and hearing her vision for Queens, I wanted to do my little part in helping her win. We spent a couple of months discussing her vision and what she wanted the design to communicate about her and the campaign - simple, straightforward, but powerful and most of all - bold.

Project Role

Brand DesignLogoGraphic Design

Logo & Brand Design

Primary logo in white Primary logo in color Primary color palette CFQ - Secondary colors CFQ Primary typeface CFQ Secondary Typeface

Poster Design

CFQ Primary Poster CFQ Pride Poster

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