Payroll, retirement and health insurance for freelance & gig workers

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Led a team of two designers across brand design, as well as product design for Catch's iOS, Android and web applications.

Project Role

UX DesignPrototypingUI DesignBrand designInteraction design


I joined Catch right before a major rebrand for the company and was responsible for leading the redesigning our the company's iOS and Android apps, as well as our mobile application for desktop and mobile. In addition to the visual redesign we also sought to really make our mobile applications the primary place where our customers managed all things related to their income, retirement, savings and as well as health insurance.

Work samples 👇🏿

Home Tab ExplorationHome Tab Exploration

Different iterations exploring how to best structure the home tab for users.
Income summary & payrollIncome summary & payroll

Income section on the home tab before and after a user has connected their bank accounts where they receive income.
Accounts summaryAccounts summary

Accounts section on the home tab before and after user has completed activation nudges to link accounts, and began withholding income.
Taxes managementTaxes management

Help users see how much they've put aside for taxes, make adjustments, see previous tax payments, and see a tax report for the whole year when filing taxes.
Health coverageHealth coverage

Simplifies experience of applying and managing health insurance obtain via HealthCare.Gov
Health coverage applicationHealth coverage application

Mobile first approach to applying for HealthCare.gov plans, automatically pulling in existing information to reduce required inputs for users.

Savings encapsulated both retirement savings that could either be in the form of a traditional or Roth IRA. In addition, also allows user to set aside money for other goals like time-off, which can be difficult to save for for independent contractors and gig works.
Retirement savings UXRetirement savings UX

Help users understand all the intricacies of retirement account management, and see all the income contributions that are going towards it and have the ability to adjust the percentage amount at any given time.
Custom savings goalsCustom savings goals

In addition to default saving goals like Time Off or HSA, also allow users to create their own saving goal they might want to withhold money from each paycheck towards.
Home widgetsHome widgets

Home widgets explorationsHome widgets explorations

Iterations exploring widgets for app home tab

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