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Healthcare Data Analytics Tool


Ideation and conceptualization for a data inspection tool to inspect and analyze vast amounts of incoming data from firm clients.

Project Role

WireframingInteraction DesignUI Design
Defining the problem

This client handles massive amounts of very sensitive data and it can be very challenging for analysts to gather the status of data loads from their client organizations. The challenge was creating a solution that allowed both internal and external stakeholders to understand the status of data loads. Since some tools don't work properly without certain data files having been uploaded and properly uploaded, we needed to not just communicate status but importance, detail and required action as well.

Designing the solution

Simple and easily digestable by internal and external stakeholders. The client had defined what was needed to be conveyed from a data and information perspective, this was important for me to understand thoroughly in order to design an interface that would solve the problem most effectively. Since we knew the information that needed to be communicated, we had to prioritize what was most important, what was critical, and what was just simply a 'good to have'. Giving information at a glance was helpful but what would truly solve the problem would be attaching action items to that information, and also allowing users on both ends to take a deeper dive into each file.


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