Helping digital small businesses turn first impressions into revenue.

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For over a year and a half, worked to help content creators, and small online businesses find, grow, engange and monetize their audiences.

Project Role

User ResearchWireframingPrototypingVisual DesignInteraction Design

Designing the app

After several years of trying to build for creators on desktop and optimizing for mobile, strongly recommended a shift to a full native app experience starting with support for iOS. Working with the iOS architect and director of product, defined an information architecture, mapped out user flows and journeys, then proceeded to wireframe, prototype, and visually design each flow.

Hype App Information Architecture

Home dashboard goals

Center jobs to be done in the context of goals for the home dashboard for users.
Direct and multi-delivery blast messaging

Messaging UX designed to handled 1:1 conversations as well as SMS, Email or both to thousands of recipients.
Messaging Empty StatesMessaging Empty States

Designs for handling empty states, using assets generated via Midjourney and Open AI's DALL-E models.

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