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When I joined Pico, the value and mission were pretty straightforward... Value - Locally sourced and funded news was important to communities across america. Mission - leverage payments, subscription, and marketing technologies to give the technical expertise of the New York Times and major publishers to local news organizations and publications.

Project Role

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Establishing design patterns & systems

Determined when to use fixed vs dynamic condition sets based on what a user needed to accomplish. Restricting access to content was shown to have a much wider range of possible combinations of conditions so it made sense to use dynamic properties for conditions. Where as determining when and how a popup showed up to prompt a user to sign in had a much narrow set of possible conditions and was less necessary to have the properties be dynamic.

This meant that the platform needed to support different usecases like a user declaring dynamic conditions, versus checking of semi pre-declared conditions for given properties. Conditions

Simplifying page creation

Initial page creation

Users had to pre-emptively decided if they wanted to create a page for users to sign up or if they wanted to create a page to sell different subscription products. Initial Page Creation

Adjusted page creation

Benchmarking own experience designing landpages and working with softwares that let you do that easily as well as talking with 15+ customers, became apparent that what we needed to do was give users a more free way to just design pages and not forcing them into a box of what do do and then limit feature sets within that narrowed scope. Adjust page creation - mobile preview Adjusted page creation - desktop preview

More work samples

Metrics couple with actionable insightsMetrics couple with actionable insights

Pico Insights
Metrics performance exploration for mobile web and desktop for creators.Metrics performance exploration for mobile web and desktop for creators.

Performance metrics
Installing and managing 3rd party appsInstalling and managing 3rd party apps

Adding and managing app 3rd party app integrations

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