Medical device ordering at the fingertips of healthcare providers.

Designed for mobile and responsive to desktop


My client approached me to design a mobile-first web application that would enable physicians, especially surgeons to more easily connect with and find medical sales professionals. Finding the right medical sales rep for a specific product by healthcare providers, particularly in emergency situations, is very critical. In most hospitals, there is no tool or methodical procedure for finding a medical sales rep outside of having their business card handy and calling them. This is a challenge as in many cases, the primary way for phsycians and hospitals to get a specific medical device is through the device's sales reps.

Project Role

User ResearchTechnical & Product ResearchWireframing & PrototypingUser TestingUI & Interaction Design

Framing the challenge

How might we enable healthcare providers to find and procure the right medical products with ease and on-demand?

This was core question after conducting a series of conversations with physicians, sales reps, hospital administrators, and private sector analysts in the the healthcare industry, as well as walking through the day of a physician on a day of surgery.

Understanding the user

Key learnings:
  1. Physicians, particularly surgeons have significant say in the medical devices that are procured for their procedures;
  2. Medical sales reps move around a lot, whether its within divisions internally or going to work for different companies;

Designing a procurement platfrom for healthcare providers


Given that providers are almost always onthe go and rarely have time in their office, the platform was designed for mobile and to be responsive to web. Designed for mobile and responsive to desktop  Designed for providers and medical device reps

At the time of designing RepcardZ, the FDA was set to recently release a beta version of its medical devices API. I used this to design a medical device products index that was based on what the FDA was developing, enabling the platform to search, filter and categorize by the same taxonomy that the FDA was developing. Browse, search and find any products part of the FDA's medical device's API

See mobile prototype here.

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